Noting is gained from Anger.

One day a tough man boarded the bus. When the conductor asked him for the fare, he replied,”I do not need a ticket”. The week conducted did not ask for the fare again out of fear. The same thing happened the next day as well. Inside, the conductor was boiling with anger. He wanted to teach the man a lesson, but the problem was that he himself was too small and weak, so he decided to take the help of a karate teacher. Can deal with. On the very first day the heavy man was founded at the stop. As usual that day also the man did not buy the ticket, but today the conductor raised his voice. Said,”O brother! you have to get the ticket”. To this the person said,”sorry, I don’t need a ticket and introduced. I have a free pass”. He took the pass out his pocket and myself as a high official of the transport department. So, who lost here? How much time did the conductor waste to learn karate? How stressed were you? The same thing happens in anger. Man loses everything, gets nothing. We must remember, when anger starts coming, don’t suppress it, Otherwise you will burst one day. Also, avoid immediate reactions. Try to calm your mind as much as you can. If we can do this, we can avoid so many disasters

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